Application Area

Control Rooms
Computer Rooms
Telecommunication Facilities

System Features

No Residual after Discharge
Effective for Flammable Liquids & Solid Combustible Materials
Electrical non Conductive
Suitable for Occupied Rooms
25Bar Operating Pressure
Complete Discharge Time 10%
Design Concentration 7%

System Components

240L Cylinder and Valve
150L Cylinder and Valve
80L Cylinder and Valve
50L Cylinder and Valve
Manual and Electrical Actuater 24Vdc
Discharge Hose and Check Valve

Design Standards

Design Installation and Inspection Requirements are Carried out According to NFPA 2001

Extinguishing Agent Specification

HFC 227ea is a Clean Agent as Describe in NFPA 2001. It is a Halocarbon Chemical Nomenclature Heptafluoroprapane

SRI's HFC 227ea Gas Extinguishing agent an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Recognized Component and Complies with NFPA Standard 2001
Ozone Deplecion Potential ( ODP ) : 0
Atmospheric Lifetim : 37 Years
Global Warning Potential 100 Year time Horizon/CO2 = 1.01: 2900